One Punch Man Takes on a God Level Threat in This Stunning Poster

One-Punch Man's first season is considered a classic in the world of anime, brought together by the studio of Madhouse and introducing us to the world of Saitama, and one fan has recreated one of the "hero for fun's" biggest battles in his initial adventures. When the "subterraneans" emerged from the depths, Saitama had a dream that the giant monsters were far more dangerous than they ultimately turned out to be, but in the process, gave us one of the most fast paced, hard hitting scenes in the series that became an icon.

Controversy came as a result of Madhouse leaving the series after the first season of the anime, and the animation studio known as JC Staff taking the reins of the series with its second story arc which saw Saitama and the other members of the Hero Association clashing with the Monster Association. While the second season isn't as beloved as the first, there are definitely a number of battles that took place in season two that had fans comparing it to Madhouse's animation. When Garou, the hero killer, fought against lower tiered heroes, JC Staff put the pedal to the metal and created a battle royale that had fans recalling some of the series biggest fights to that date.

Reddit User IMpressiveSkill2 shared this breath taking One Punch-Man poster that gives us a new take on one of Saitama's earliest battles in the series, using some insane skill to take us back to the days of Madhouse as they handled the "hero for fun's" adventures and one sided battles:

God Level Threat by Jimmy Li from r/OnePunchMan

A third season of the popular anime has yet to be confirmed, with fans wondering if JC Staff will hand off the animating responsibility to a new studio and/or whether a new season will happen at all. While we would imagine it could potentially be to allow the manga to continue to give the anime more material with which to animate, we won't know for certain until an official announcement is made one way or the other. Regardless of which studio handles the continuing adventures of Saitama, we certainly would love to see a continuation of the animated adventures of the Hero Association.

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