Game of Thrones Star Maisie Williams' Favorite Anime Revealed

The Rooster Teeth anime gen:LOCK boasts one of the most impressive voice casts in the industry [...]

The Rooster Teeth anime gen:LOCK boasts one of the most impressive voice casts in the industry right now, featuring Hollywood stars like Michael B. Jordan, David Tennant, Dakota Fanning, Asia Kate Dillon and Arya Stark herself, Maisie Williams.

Shortly after the show began a campaign for an Emmy nomination, gen:LOCK director, writer and voice actor Gray Haddock revealed an interesting piece of information regarding the Game of Thrones star in an interview with It turns out she's a big fan of One-Punch Man.

"It didn't take as much work as you'd think!" Haddock said when asked how he introduced these major actors to the mecha subgenre of anime. "Michael [B. Jordan] grew up on Gundam Wing. Maisie loves One-Punch Man, which isn't mecha of course, but she's already getting tuned into certain anime aesthetics. And with David's career so steeped in sci-fi storytelling, he instantly understood the goal of any given scene."

Williams mentioned in an interview with IGN her love of the caped baldy, Saitama.

"We used to watch this anime called One-Punch Man," Williams said while talking about a friend who helped introduce her to anime. "I love One-Punch Man."

The latest episode of One-Punch Man featured Saitama killing both Bakuzan and Goketsu before having a conversation with King about how bored he has become with being an overpowered superhero. King then shared some wise words (which he learned from a manga) to help guide Saitama forward.

"Saitama, seems to me you're mistaking getting strong for reaching your destination," King said. "I doubt the path of becoming a hero ends so easily... It's inherently wrong to see satisfaction from fighting. Battling with great courage and benefiting society isn't that what gives a hero's existence meaning? In that respect, you've got a long road to walk before you can become the strongest hero... In other words, the pursuit of the ideal remains. You must still have a great deal of unrealized potential. And in that case, to say that you've reached the limit of your growth starts to sound shallow and arrogant, doesn't it?

"What does it take to be the 'ultimate hero'? An unflinching sense of justice? The courage to face any hardship?" he continued. "Until you've found the answer to that question, how can you say you have time to feel bored?"

One-Punch Man Season 2 is now streaming on Hulu, and on Crunchyroll outside of the United States.