Live Action One-Punch Man Film Captures Insane Fight Between Saitama and Genos

With Sony Pictures having announced the production of a One-Punch Man live action movie, fans are wondering just what a live action Saitama and his super hero pals will look like on the silver screen, and a number of fans have made that thought a reality by creating a fan film that goes a long way in answering that question. One of the biggest fights of the popular anime series is the initial "training" fight between Saitama and his cyborg student in Genos, and the fan film by RE:Anime recreates the action packed scene to near perfection!

The relationship between Saitama and his apprentice Genos is a heart warming and hilarious one, as the cyborg super hero is looking to discover the secret to the power of the One-Punch Man. In the first season, masterfully produced by animation studio Madhouse, the training segment saw the two heroes clash in an amazing display of both heroes' ultimate powers, with the full force of Genos' abilities unable to even land one hit on Saitama. The battle, which results in the "hero for fun" unleashing a blow that destroys a mountain simply with its after effect, does not make Genos stronger but it does show that the cyborg has a long way to go before reaching the same level as his master.

One Punch Man Live Action
(Photo: RE:Anime)

The irony of One-Punch Man is that regardless of the astronomical power of Saitama, the yellow clad crime fighter is often seen as a joke among the public who think of him either as a sidekick or sometimes even as a menace to society. With Genos ascending the ranks of the Hero Association, he might be weaker than Saitama by leaps and bounds, but he's definitely managed to handle the public relations side of things far better than what we've seen from the "hero for fun".

RE:Anime have been masters when it comes to translating some of the biggest anime action scenes into live action, taking the opportunity to re-tell battles from Naruto, Avatar The Last Airbender, Tokyo Ghoul, and Batman Beyond to name a few. We look forward to seeing what these independent film makers create in the future, anime related or otherwise!

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