One-Punch Man Illustrator Piques Curiosity with Season One Callback

You might not have thought about One-Punch Man in some time, but the series is thriving even today. Despite its anime going radio silent, the manga lives on under Yusuke Murata. The manga artist is keeping the story alive and well with monthly updates, but a new post from him has shown a new light on the anime.

The post in question hit up Twitter not that long ago. The message, which can be found below, puts the spotlight on the director of One-Punch Man season one. Murata took time to share his love for Shingo Natsume, and the note has piqued major curiosity within the fandom.

"One-Punch Man and Space Dandy both feature craftsmanship from amazing animators," the artist wrote. "However, most of the staff says Director Natsume is the most skilled of them all."

The message was met with plenty of support, and it is easy to see why. Natsume is one of the most gifted animators in the business. He helped bring One-Punch Man to the forefront years ago when season one debuted under Madhouse. The studio's stellar staff and director turned Saitama into an overnight sensation, and Natsume went on to oversee other projects. For instance, he is working on Space Dandy at the moment, and he's done art for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Gurren Lagann, and more.

Sadly, One-Punch Man season two did not live up to expectations. The show swapped studios to J.C. Staff, and Natsume could not oversee the project due to schedule conflicts. Instead, Chikara Sakurai gave the show a shot, but season two left fans with a sour taste thanks to its stale animation. Now, the fandom is unsure whether a third season will ever happen. But if Natsume were to return to the helm, One-Punch Man fans would welcome the project with open arms.


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