One-Punch Man Animation Brings Garou's Monster Form to Life

When it comes to One-Punch Man, it is hard to imagine someone who could give the story's lead [...]

When it comes to One-Punch Man, it is hard to imagine someone who could give the story's lead trouble. He may not look it, but Saitama is insanely strong and has very little issue defeating the strongest foes. Of course, the villain Garou hopes to change that, and one fan has brought his monstrous form to life as proof of his goal.

The piece made its debut on Reddit thanks to the user Hakuto_Sansei. It was there the One-Punch Man fan gave his best try at Garo's new monster form. After all, the Human Monster wouldn't be as terrifying without it, and the new state is something to behold.

As you can see above, the monstrous form highlights Garou in the best way. The black-and-white animation draws from the manga itself as Garou is seen standing atop a pile of rubble. As dust flies behind him, Garou looks fit as he heaves in the face of battle.

Clearly, Garou's monster form is terrifying, and it suits the figure in every way. Chapter 144 of One-Punch Man introduced this state earlier this summer, and it came out of nowhere. Bang and Bomb discovered Garou in this form while the rest of the Monsters Association continued its attack on the heroes' organization. And if Bang lets his former student escape from this fight, well - Garou is only going to grow stronger.

Of course, there is little fans want more than to see this form animated on the small screen. One-Punch Man made a huge splash with its first season back in the day, but its second failed to impress. In fact, the show's move from Madhouse to J.C. Staff is largely credited with its downfall. Now, fans are wary of a third season ever happening, but it could be great if production gets its act together.

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