One-Punch Man Cosplay Puts Fem Spin on Garou's Most Intense Look

One awesome One-Punch Man cosplay has put a fem spin on one of Garou's most intense moments in the series yet! Fans are eagerly waiting on news of a potential second season of the anime because while it was notably not without its problems, the season was still a big draw because it introduced an integral new character to the series in the "Hero Hunter" Garou. The second season was largely focused on this new foe as he hunted down Hero Association members to test his strength to his limits. That was just the case in the season's final episodes.

The final episodes of the second season pushed Garou to the brink as he continued to fight these heroes while accruing tons of damage and injuries. He tried to keep himself afloat with first aid, but still ended up on the receiving end of a group of heroes while injured and barely able to move. Pushing himself forward through sheer will alone, this was his most intense series of challenges in the anime and now they have come to life with some excellent cosplay from @chameleahncos on Instagram! Check it out below:

It's probably going to be a while before One-Punch Man returns for a third season, if at all, so a good idea for fans interested in seeing more of the series would be to check out the Yusuke Murata illustrated take on ONE's original webcomic. The series is currently releasing new chapters with Viz Media's Shonen Jump digital library, and you can actually check out the three most recent chapters for free (and the rest of the series with a paid subscription). The manga has gone far beyond where the anime ended, and has had some pretty big moments for Garou.

Garou continues his slow descent into becoming a full monster himself, and the newest chapters of the manga has made his far more literal as he has recently debuted a terrifying new form. This is part of why fans want to see the rest of the massive Human Monster saga make its way to a proper anime someday, but unfortunately there has been complete silence on that front. At least there's a chance for more Garou in the new live-action movie in the works!


What did you think of Garou when he first made his debut in One-Punch Man? What are your favorite Garou fights so far? Would you want to see the series return for a third season? Let us know all of your thoughts about Garou and everything One-Punch Man in the comments!