Pokemon's New Anime Reveals Official English Title

It has been quite awhile since fans have gotten any updates about the Pokemon anime's future in the U.S. It wasn't long ago that the English dub came to an end in the States once Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon reached its peak. The series had plenty to celebrate, but there's been no news on when the next series will be imported from Japan. But thanks to a new report, it seems the ongoing series has been given an English name at last!

The report comes from BulbaNewsNOW which found the translated name amongst some Canadian listings. The account said this 23rd dub season of Pokemon will be titled Pokemon Journeys: The Series.

So there you have it! That is what fans can expect the new anime to be called in English. The dub title is not what many fans expected to have happen, but The Pokemon Company seems to have come to a decision on the name.

For those unaware of this new Pokemon anime, it began late last year. The show raised eyebrows when it confirmed it would be named Pocket Monsters in Japan which is where the word Pokemon comes from. Back in the day, this is what the first Pokemon anime was named, so fans began to differentiate this current season as Pokemon: The Series or even Pokemon (2020). But thanks to this new report, fans can be more concise with their titling.

Still, there are some fans who are upset with the name, and that shouldn't surprise anyone. You cannot please everyone with everything, and Pokemon is no exception. So as long as the series nails its dub translation, the U.S. fandom should be as fine as usual. Now, it would be great if The Pokemon Company would tell fans when and where this anime would debut. in the States!

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