Pokemon Anime Updates Fans on What Dawn Has Been Doing Since Traveling With Ash

Pokemon Journeys: The Series updated fans on what dawn has been doing since she traveled with Ash Ketchum during the Diamond and Pearl era of the anime! The newest era of the anime has been one of the best in the franchise yet as not only are Ash and hero Goh exploring every past region seen in the anime thus far, but we have gotten some major returns from fan favorite characters throughout the series as well. This includes some of Ash's best friends and travelling companions, and now Dawn has made her return to the series as well.

Dawn has returned to the Pokemon anime as part of a special two part arc that sees Ash and Goh returning to the Sinnoh region to investigate a series of nightmares seemingly kicked in by Darkrai. At the same time, Chloe has traveled to the Sinnoh region as well and soon she bumps into Dawn and Piplup by chance. Through their heart to heart conversation, Dawn revealed that since travelling through Sinnoh she's been through several other regions and participating in contests along the way.

When asking Chloe about what she wants to do while in the Sinnoh region, Dawn reveals that in her travels she has participated in contests in the Hoenn, Unova, and Johto regions. Tying this into the events of her previous series, she then mentions how she travelled through Sinnoh in a group of three (she doesn't mention them by name, but this refers to Ash and Brock). Then she even travels with Chloe for a little bit as the episode continues.

Each character's return thus far has tied together past events of the series with the events of Pokemon Journeys, and now Dawn's return is the newest bit of canon that we have seen connecting the anime's usually disconnected series together. But what did you think of getting this update from Dawn? Curious to see how Ash will react to seeing her again? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!