Pokemon Features Gary Oak Styling On Goh In His Grand Return

Pokemon Journeys has been throwing a number of big reunions Ash Ketchum's way, with him facing [...]

Pokemon Journeys has been throwing a number of big reunions Ash Ketchum's way, with him facing against the power of the Unova Region Champion Iris and having the opportunity to revisit the Pokemon he has collected in the past that are no longer a part of his roster, but it seems as if not all the reunions are set to be happy ones as his biggest rival Gary Oak is making a comeback. Surprisingly, Gary brings with him an interesting new caveat in the arrival of "Project Mew", a new undergoing that definitely catches the interest of Ash's friend.

Gary first appeared alongside Ash in the very first episode of Pokemon's anime, usually being followed by a caravan of cheerleaders that showed just how beloved the young Oak was when he began his journey as a Pokemon trainer. In the latest episode, "Project Mew" is revealed to be an initiative that is looking to get the best and brightest trainers to help in discovering the location of the ancient Pokemon, and should a trainer become a part of the undertaking, they will be granted more information regarding Mew's current status. Gary, of course, wasn't afraid to boast about his involvement in the project and Goh instantly wishes to become a part of Project Mew as well in a chance to achieve his lifelong goal.

Twitter User Chikorita Cheez took a number of screenshots from the latest episode of Pokemon Journeys which proved that even though plenty of time has passed since Ash came into contact with Gary, the latter hasn't changed much since their earlier days in the anime:

Gary most likely won't be following Ash and Goh on their journey to become some of the best trainers in the world, always working alone on his quest to greatness, but we're quite sure that this will be far from the last time that we see the young Oak appear during Ketchum and company's journey. With Journeys focusing on plenty of reunions in the past several episodes, fans are interested to see what other trainers and pocket monsters will make their way into Ketchum's life once again.

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