Pokemon: Dawn Voice Actor Breaks Silence on Anime Comeback

The voice behind Dawn (Hikari in the Japanese language original) has broken her silence about [...]

The voice behind Dawn (Hikari in the Japanese language original) has broken her silence about coming back to the Pokemon anime after nine long years! Pokemon Journeys has seen Ash Ketchum reunite with a number of familiar fan favorites from his past, and it was recently announced that another one Ash's old travelling buddies will be making their return to the anime soon. As part of an upcoming special arc later this month, Dawn will be returning to the anime as she and Ash will cross paths once again in Pokemon Journeys. Now her voice actor has chimed in on this return.

It's been a while since Dawn's been a key part of the anime (even though she has briefly returned to the anime before), so Megumi Toyoguchi is excited to return along with her faithful Piplup as she notes that Dawn's return is another in a recent string of big returns, "Continuing on after Iris and [Gary], the next person to show up in the [Pokemon] animated series is going to be [Dawn] and [Piplup] from [Pokemon Diamond & Pearl!]" Toyoguchi begins.

Elaborating further in a special statement with Pokemon's official Twitter account (as translated by @DogasusBackpack on Twitter), "It's been about nine years since we last appeared and so I was really nervous about playing [Dawn] again after so long..." Toyoguchi continued. "...[The] back and forths I'd have in the recording booth with her partner [Piplup] were really a lot of fun while also helping me feel at ease, and when all is said and done I ended up having a great time."

Finally, Toyoguchi addressed newer fans who won't recognize her from the older entries, "This will be the first time those of you who just started watching [Pokemon] from this series onward will be meeting [Dawn] but I'm sure her sunny disposition and love of Pokemon will make you fall in love with her. On top of that, her partner Pokemon [Piplup] is really really cute and so I hope you all look forward to seeing what kind of story unfolds in this special Summer arc!"

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