Pokemon's Cutest Clothing Line Isn't Available in the U.S.

Pokemon has been around for decades now, and there is no denying how special the franchise has become. After debuting in the 1990s, the Japanese brand has gone on to become one of the largest IPs in the whole world. Of course, that means merchandise is an everyday thing for The Pokemon Company, and some amazing collections have been released. But sadly, one of its cutest has yet to make an international go of things.

And why is it the cutest? Well, you only have to check out Monpoke to see why it has earned the name from fans. The brand has some adorable purchases in stock, and it highlights some of the fandom's top monsters.

As you can see above, Monpoke is a brand that caters to infants and young children in Japan. Their latest collection for the 2022 winter season has gone somewhat viral online, and the pictures show why that's the case. The collection is absolutely adorable with pajamas, bags, plushes, and blankets. But sadly, Monpoke is not available internationally. This means fans in the U.S. will have to order items secondhand from online retailers if they find an item they're in love with.

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Of course, this exclusivity is hardly a surprise to fans. Pokemon has plenty of merchandise collaborations in Japan that never reach the United States or elsewhere. In recent years, The Pokemon Company's official web store has been quicker in bringing Japanese collections stateside for consumers. And if Monpoke is listening, well – the brand has plenty of buyers outside of Japan desperate to snag its collection!

What do you think about this adorable line? Does the collection need to make its way stateside? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.