Haunting Pokemon Art Goes Viral Thanks to Its Pikachu Graveyard

Pokemon is known for its cute art, but that doesn't mean the fandom cannot take its aesthetic in a different direction. Over on Twitter, a rather strange piece of artwork for the franchise popped up, and it has gone viral thanks to its haunting style. After all, the artwork shows an odd-looking Pikachu chilling at a graveyard in the middle of the night, but you will understand this piece a bit better after learning who did it.

The artist responsible for this artwork is none other than Gomi Kuzu Tarou. They have become well-known in the Pokemon fandom thanks to their surreal takes on our favorite pocket monsters. In the past, the artist went viral for submitting similarly styled artwork to the trading card game for contests, but their latest piece is for... fun?

You can see the impressive piece below in all of its detailed glory. The haunting art shows a rather fat Pikachu leaning against a tree with its eyes narrowed. This artwork is clearly inspired by the abstract realism of the Medieval period, and it suits Pokemon some sort of way. Pikachu looks full up on apples, but if you take a closer look at this piece, you will see the monster is at a graveyard.

Oh, and it is not just any graveyard. It is a Pikachu Graveyard with tombstones and the whole shebang.

As you can see, there is a tombstone in the bottom right corner which belongs to a long dead Pikachu, and there are several more in the background. In fact, one can be found resting under a Mimikyu who almost looks like it hung itself, but its shadowy body is simply gifting some fruit to a stray Cubone.


Looking at this gorgeous Pokemon artwork, it is hard to deny who talented its creator is, but many fans are adjusting to this stark art style. This is not the cutesy aesthetic which Pokemon is known for, but Gomo Kuzu Tarou makes this style work. And if I were to be honest, I would absolutely frame a copy of this in my home if given the chance... even should it prompt a Haunter to haunt me.

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