Pokemon Meets Human Centipede with This Creepy Pikachu Plush

Pokemon is on point when it comes to merchandise, but there are some things you may see on the [...]

Pokemon is on point when it comes to merchandise, but there are some things you may see on the market that will scar you. After all, Pokemon has its hands full with official licenses, and some odd plushes can slip through the cracks if they aren't vetted thoroughly. That is why a recent plush is going viral online, and the creepy doll combines the cuteness of Pikachu with the horrors of The Human Centipede.

The plush hails from AliExpress, an online retailer based in China. The site is currently selling a doll plush of Pikachu that turns the monster into a centipede of sorts. But if you know of the film The Human Centipede, well - you won't be able to look at this toy the same.

If you want to find the toy online, you can search by its full name "Very Long Pikachued Insect Elf Plush Doll Cute Anime Cartoon Pillow Stuffed Toy Yellow Decoration Christmas Gift For Kids" on AliExpress. For most fans, they have come to call this odd march the Pikacentipede, and it has gathered a cult fanbase.

Currently, this item is available for US shipping with its various sizes ranging from $20 to $90 USD. The smallest Pikacentipede is nearly three-feet long while the longest measures over five-feet long.

According to the product page, this Pikacentipede can be molded in various shapes due to its articulations. This means the plush can serve as a body pillow, neck rest, posture cushion, and more. Really, this plush can be whatever you want it to be, and that includes a prop in your own low-budget horror film. Just, don't expect The Pokemon Company to endorse it or anything.

What do you think about this creepy (yet adorable) Pokemon plush? Should Caterpie be the next monster to get this sort of plush? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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