Pokemon Reveals the Advice Ash's Father Gave to Him Long Ago

Pokemon Coco is the most recent film to join the franchise, and fans are eager for this jungle [...]

Pokemon Coco is the most recent film to join the franchise, and fans are eager for this jungle adventure to come stateside after its big premiere in Japan. The film, which released in Japan on Christmas Day, has since shared some very intriguing details with fans about its leads. And thanks to a certain novelization of the film, fans have learned a bit of advice that Ash received from... his dad?!

Yes, that is right! It seems like Ash Ketchum does know who is dad is, and the boy recalls some advice which he got from his old man. Earlier this month, fans were told by Pokemon Coco director Tetsuo Yajima that Ash's father would tie into its story, and that is because our hero got some solid advice from his pop.

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According to the film's novelization, Ash has a short conversation with Coco about his father. The moment comes when Ash is trying to relate with Coco when it comes to dads as the newcomer is at odds with Zarude, his adoptive father. It is there Ash shares the wise words that his dad gave him after some local kids laughed at his dreams.

"When I was little, I'd get laughed at by my friends because of my dreams. And whenever I'd start sulking my papa would say this to me: 'The map to your goals is inside you. If you give up now then your dreams won't come true.'" (via DogasuBackpack)

Clearly, Ash's dad knew how to inspire as this quote is what Ash needed. The boy hasn't given up on his dream to become a Pokemon Master, and his dad seems to have pushed Ash in that direction. Now, the only thing fans need is to meet the man and hear these words firsthand!

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