Pokemon Journeys Releases New Teaser For 2021

Pokemon Journeys has been continuing the world tour for both Ash Ketchum and Goh as they attempt [...]

Pokemon Journeys has been continuing the world tour for both Ash Ketchum and Goh as they attempt to capture the strongest pocket monsters around the world and to get fans hyped for the new year, the latest season of the anime has released a new trailer to hint at the adventures that are to come for the familiar anime trainers. With Ash and Pikachu working to defeat their ultimate challenge, the champion of the Galar Region, Leon, it's clear that these upcoming adventures will test the mettle of all the characters involved in the long-running anime!

One of the latest episodes shocked fans with a return of the cloned Pokemon of Mewtwo, pitting Ash and Goh against one of the most popular, and powerful, pocket monsters to ever wander the Earth. While next year will see the continuation of the television series, it will also see the release of Pokemon: Secret of the Jungle, the twenty-third feature-length film of the franchise that will introduce the legendary creature known as Zarude, as well as introduce Ash to a unique "trainer" in the form of Coco who is more like Tarzan than any other character we've seen in the series to date!

The Official Pokemon Twitter Account shared this trailer that shows off some of the events from upcoming episodes of Pokemon Journeys, showing off a return of a Legendary Pokemon, along with some old favorites making their big returns to the series as well:

Pokemon Journeys has hit North America thanks to the streaming service of Netflix, steadily releasing episodes of the latest adventures of Ash Ketchum as he travels the world with his new friend Goh in order to celebrate his victory in the Alola Region Pokemon Tournament. With both Ash and Goh capturing some of the strongest creatures that they've ever encountered with this latest season, they have been given some very serious threats, not only with the Galar Region trainers, but a new powered-up version of Team Rocket that has some insane new technology at their disposal!

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