Pokemon Fans Revisit One Of The Series' Deepest Burns

Pokemon as an anime has been in existence nearly as long as the video game franchise that first introduced us to the diverse world of pocket monsters, and while the series has predominantly followed Ash Ketchum on his journey to become a Pokemon master, that hasn't stopped the series from diving into the world of comedy from time to time. Fans of the anime series rediscovered one of the greatest "burns" of the series, which saw Misty understandably delivering said burn to Brock, the lovesick right-hand man to Ash who fancied himself a ladies' man.

During his adventure which has stretched over two decades, Ash has found himself making several new fans in his journey to become one of the greatest trainers in the world, but it all started with Misty and Brock. With the two friends of Ketchum originally being his opponents, Gym Leaders that specialized in Water and Rock-type Pokemon respectively, they each became fan-favorite characters for fans following the anime series. Currently, in the latest season of Pokemon Journeys, Ash is traveling the Galar Region, and the world, with his new friend Goh in an attempt to capture the strongest creatures he can to defeat the Galar Champion, Leon.

Reddit User I_Cognito shared this brutal moment in which Brock attempts to score the woman of his dreams, while Misty is able to put him down once again, proving that the former Rock Gym Leader was always good for comic relief when it came to Ash's never-ending journey:

This show used to have so many good burns [Pokemon] from r/anime

Brock and Misty have yet to return to the series in the new adventures that have been presented to Ash and Goh within Pokemon Journeys, though it would certainly be interesting to see how their designs would look in the anime's new art style. The latest season hasn't been afraid to bring back characters from both the anime and video game series, so it would definitely be no surprise if we eventually saw Ash's original support system make its way back to the series proper as Pokemon Journeys continues.

Which old character from Ash's past are you dying to see make a return? What is the best anime burn that you've ever seen? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Pokemon.