Pokemon Journeys Toy Set Teases Ash's Charizard and Eternatus' Debut

Pokemon Journeys has been fulfilling wishes left and right for anime fans. After all, the show did promise to do things that previous seasons never dared, and it has done just that. So far, Ash and Pikachu have traveled all over to fulfill tasks for their internships, and it seems more is to come if two toy sets are right.

The update came over on social media when a pair of toys went live. One of them was dedicated to a final battle with the Legendary monster Eternatus. And as for the other, it is surprising everyone with a look at what seems to be Ash's Charizard.

As for the latter Pokemon Journeys set, you can see a picture of it below. The set will be released in Japan before long, and it focuses on three trainers: Ash, Goh, and Leon. Goh is given special honors as his Flygon is included in the kit while Leon shows up with Dragapult. That means Ash is the only one left without a Pokemon, so the Charizard in this set must be his.

Of course, Ash does have a Charizard, and their history goes way back. The trainer has worked and fought with Charizard for years now. The last time fans checked in on Charizard was in the Unova region where the monster blew away Team Rocket. Ash left Charizard there before heading to the Kalos region, and the monster has only been featured in flashbacks since.

Now, it seems as if Pokemon Journeys might be bringing the fiery Pokemon back to Ash. This would be most welcome by fans given how eager Ash is to fight Leon. After all, the latter has a Charizard of his own, so it is only right to see which hero has the best Charizard.


As for the other toy set, it teases Ash and Goh's big encounter with Eternatus. The anime is preparing to head into its Sword and Shield arc which will end with the Legendary's debut. The set includes figures of Cinderace and Lucario, so fans are even more certain Raboot and Riolu will evolve soon.

What do you make of these two toys? Do you think the show really has plans for Charizard? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.