New Pokemon Trailer Gives First-Look at 'Sword and Shield' Anime Arc

Pokemon Journeys is making way for a new arc next month, and fans will not want to miss the exciting adventure. In a matter of weeks, the hit anime will tackle the story first introduced in the Pokemon Sword and Shield video games. It is time for Ash to learn the dark secret behind the Galar region, and a new trailer is here to give fans an inside look at the arc.

Recently, the official Pokemon page posted a trailer for the upcoming arc. Fans were first told about this Sword and Shield storyline earlier this month when a poster and synopsis surfaced for the swap. Now, a full-on trailer has been shared, and it shows Ash going to battle against Chairman Rose and his mysterious organization that's set on awakening Eternatus.

You can check out the trailer above to get a look at the arc. Things start off easily enough with Ash and Goh going about their travels in Galar. They run into some familiar faces from the Sword and Shield games such as Raihan. In fact, it seems like Ash is pitted against the gym leader in a battle, but things get tense when Chairman Rose shows up.

After all, the leader of the Pokemon World Championships is quite the villain. Rose is the person hellbent on using Eternatus to reset the Galar region, and it seems he has a whole gang of lackeys backing him. But when Ash and Goh find out the truth behind Rose, fans know they will not rest until they have stopped the crazed man.

As for when this arc will start, Pokemon fans can expect Ash to focus on the Galar region shortly. The so-called Darkest Day arc will begin in late October. Of course, Japanese audiences will receive these episodes first before Netflix brings them to audiences stateside at a later date.