Pokemon's New Music Video Holds Several Obscure Gen One Easter Eggs

When it comes to good animation, Pokemon has had its moments, but the franchise decided to embrace its sakuga roots this week with a special music video. The company released a special MV honoring its past and future with help from the J-rock group BUMP OF CHICKEN. The stunning clip made rounds thanks to its impressive art, and if you look closely, you will see that the MV is littered with clever nods to generation one.

After all, Gen One is where everything started for Pokemon. The debut of Pokemon Red and Green in Japan changed the game back in the 1990s. Those handheld titles paved the way for Pokemon to become the billionaire franchise it is, and that is why this MV honored that first generation in a couple of obscure ways.

Over on social media, fans had their minds blown as tiny Easter eggs were teased into the light. One of the nods came at the very start of the music video as fans were introduced to four teenage boys walking down a railroad. This ambling image set the tone for the energetic MV, but it was also a direct nod to the first Pokemon games. After all, players could check out their mom's TV in-game back then to find her watching a program featuring four boys on a railroad track. So as you can see, the video's team did their homework.

pokemon anime mv

The creators also did research beyond the games themselves. Obviously, the MV is packed with the smallest of references to generations one through eight. However, it also includes two original characters who end up with each others' Pokemon when Eevee and Pikachu get lost. The boy and girl are charming from the start, but the latter should be familiar. After all, she is based on the star of one of Pokemon's first commercials in Japan. The girl's hairstyle and clothing come straight from the promo, so there is no denying how hard the team studied for this music video.

Did you notice either of these clever easter eggs? What did you think of the Pokemon music video as a whole? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.