Pokemon: This Amazing and Intense TCG Charizard Art Was Vetoed

There are many reasons fans love Pokemon cards, especially when it comes to the amazing artwork, but many fans were disappointed to learn that an amazing depiction of Charizard has since been vetoed by The Pokemon Company. Even after fans shared love for the Charizard art that first appeared in The Pokemon Card Game Illustration Grand Prix, the artist was unable to convince the Powers That Be to approve the intense design.

Pokemon cards are known for their top-tier art, but fans are at a loss after the franchise vetoed a piece of truly impressive artwork for Charizard. The fiery dragon is one of the most popular Pokemon out there, but an artist couldn't convince The Pokemon Company to approve their art for a recent content. The Pokemon Card Game Illustration Grand Prix closed last month which gave artists the chance to see if they won. But as it turns out, a returning contestant had their intense Charizard makeover shut down.

As reported by Sora News, the artist gomi kuzu tarou on Twitter shared the art they hoped would win the Grand Prix. The artist, who entered the contest last year with a now-famous take on Pikachu, chose to give Charizard an odd adaptation for this year's event.

You can check out the Pokemon art below... if you dare. You will not be able to see the fiery dragon the same after taking in this piece. Charizard is hardly recognizable in this painting as his eyes are wide open and blank. Much of his coloring is still the same, but his textured nose and neck are all sorts of uncomfortable. And if you look in the background, you will find Charmander lurking in the shadows which is all sorts of appropriate.


Sadly, Charizard did not win this round much like his Pikachu beforehand. Some other fanciful art took home the grand prize in the end, but gomi kuzu tarou left the event with something even more valuable. The artist might not have been paid, but they earned the admiration of Pokemon fans around the world. Their work might not be classically pretty, but its character and unique form have charmed netizens who'd be happy to have this artwork hanging in their homes.

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