Pokemon Journeys Confirms Sobble's Arrival in New Synopsis

Back in the day, Pokemon was on everyone's mind when Sobble made his first appearance, and the franchise is finally ready to bring the Galar starter to the small screen. A brand-new report has confirmed Sobble is ready to head to the Pokemon anime as soon as it returns from hiatus. A set of synopses let the secret slip, and fans are eager to see how Ash and his friend Goh will handle their new friend.

The synopses went live on Twitter after fans like Arkeus88 translated the blurbs. It turns out episode 28 of Pokemon Journeys will follow Ash and Goh as they encounter a weepy Sobble for the first time. And if all goes well, the pair will manage to help out the starter before Team Rocket bumps into Sobble while he's on the run.

"While still in the Galar region, Ash and Goh encounter a timid crybaby Pokemon called Sobble. Sobble is very cowardly and quick to cry, and the components of its tears cause Ash and Goh to be unable to stop crying as well," the synopsis reads.

sobble pokemon anime
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

"Not only that, but since Sobble turns invisible when it touches water, it appears its own tears make it disappear which makes Ash and the others lose sight of it. And then the Team Rocket gang arrives in the Galar region..."

This episode, which is named "Sobble Sobs For What Reason?", plans to delve deeper into the Galarian starter and his emotions. Fans have known for awhile that Sobble is a sensitive bud, but no one is quite sure why the Pokemon defaults to tears. But if there is one trainer who can beef up Sobble's self-esteem, it would be Ash Ketchum!


But for now, it seems like Pokemon fans will have to wait for this debut. There are still several episodes to be in Pokemon Journeys before Sobble shows up, and then there is the pandemic to consider. For a few weeks now, the anime has been on hiatus as Japan's State of Emergency has prevented animators and voice actors from working on shows. This means Pokemon Journeys is not in production at the moment which puts Sobble on the back burner... again.

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