Pokemon Is Finally Selling One of Its Priciest Statues Stateside

Ash Ketchum is currently trying his hardest to make one of his biggest dreams come true during the current season of Pokemon's anime, Pokemon Journeys, as he has become one of the Masters 8 and in doing so, has been listed as one of the eight most powerful trainers in the world. While Ash has put together a team of pocket monsters to help him achieve his dream, there are plenty of past creatures that he has captured that didn't make the cut, with some water-types making the cut in a new statue that has been made available stateside.

Water-Type Pokemon have been a strong faction within the history of Pokemon, with one of the three normal starters of the series usually including one of these kinds of pocket monsters alongside fire and grass types. With a number of generations currently under the series' belt, and a new gen set to arrive via this year's Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, expect plenty more water types to arrive. 

The Official Twitter Account for the Pokemon Center showed off the "Ocean of Friendship" Statue that is currently available for fans as we speak, standing a little under two feet tall and bringing together some of the biggest water-type Pokemon from the series into one collaboration:

The official description for this wild statue that unites some of the biggest Water-type Pokemon from the popular franchise reads as such, with the statue currently available for around $350 USD via the Pokemon Center:

"Jump in for a splash of fun with Pikachu, Lapras, and many more Water-type Pokémon on this colorful Ocean of Friendship figure! Pikachu is surfing the waves on Lapras's back, while many other Pokémon are having fun in their own individual ways. The figure showcases two different scenes split up between the top of the water and the ocean underneath. With more than 15 different Pokémon featured on the figure, it's sure to be a fun conversation starter to place on your bookshelf or desk. See if you can find them all!"  

Will you be picking up this wild statue honoring some of the biggest Water-Type Pokemon around? Do you think Ash will truly become the strongest trainer in the world of Pokemon in the latest season? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Pokemon.