Pokemon Journeys Promo Sets Up Iris vs. Cynthia Battle

Pokemon Journeys is now working its way through the Masters Tournament featuring some of the toughest trainers in the world, and the promo for the next episode of the series is setting the stage for a battle between Dragon Champions Cynthia and Iris! When the bracket for the Masters Tournament was first revealed, one of the biggest draws right away was the promise that fans would get to see the various champions from across the regions do battle with one another. We've already seen two battles take place, and now the third match of the quarterfinals is set to begin with the next episode.

The previous two battles of the quarterfinals showcased matches with Leon, Alain, and even Lance and Diantha for the first two sets of the quarterfinals. Now the third match is gearing up between Cynthia (who's currently ranked second in the World Coronation Series overall) and Iris (who is ranked seventh in the tournament) as Iris vows to overcome her biggest challenge in the franchise to date. Fans know that both of these trainers are quite strong in their own right, and now we can get hyped for their battle for the promo for Episode 117 of Pokemon Journeys below: 

Episode 117 of Pokemon Journeys is titled "Vs. [Cynthia]! Iris, the Path to be a Dragon Master" and the synopsis for the episode teases it as such, "The third match of the Masters Tournament's round one is the battle of Sinnoh Champion [Cynthia] vs. Unova Champion [Iris]. To [Iris], [Cynthia] is her esteemed senior whom she had learned much from in the past, and a target she must surpass. [Iris] makes her onslaught, but [Cynthia] remains calm, collected, and...? Spirit vs. experience. Who will be the one to proceed to the semi-finals?" 

The Masters Tournament has been plenty fierce so far, and while this is a huge battle, it's also setting up what could be coming next. Ash's first battle in the Masters Tournament takes place after this, and whoever wins here will ultimately be who Ash (or his opponent) face off against in the semifinals as the tournament continues with its latest episodes in Japan. What do you think of this first look at Cynthia and Iris' big battle? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!