This Viral Pokemon Fusion Turns Rapidash Into a Nightmare

There are plenty of Pokemon out there to choose from, but some fans find they cannot pick a favorite when they're stuck between two picks. With over 800 pocket monsters to date, you can see why picking a Pokemon partner would be hard, but fans created Pokefusions to blend their favorite monsters together. And thanks to one randomly generated pick, Pokemon fans are feeling all the dread thanks to a scary-looking Rapidash.

The topic came to light on Reddit when a talented artist known as Ronjaki shared their recent Pokefusion pieces. It seems the fan used an online generator to turn out these different monsters, and one of the picks mashed up Cubone with Rapidash. The auto-generated sprite piqued the artist's fancy, and their gorgeous drawing of 'Rapibone' is downright ominous.

You can see the Pokemon artwork below as the Rapidash is in the bottom-left corner. The horse has done away with its usual fiery mane and replaced it with a tannish-brown one. The horse has also undergone some anatomical changes as its tail and torso are bulkier to better match Cubone. The biggest change comes with the fusion's coloring as the entire horse is colored cream as the skull Cubone wears. And of course, Rapibone has a skull on their head with a single unicorn horn added for good measure.

Pokefusions are always fun, right? Here are some I did recently from r/pokemon

This artwork is certainly impressive, and it really brings to life a full blend of Cubone and Rapidash. The same can be said for the other fusions which Ronjaki undertook. The artwork introduces a crossover between Abra and Nidoran as well as Sceptile and Mandibuzz. So if you are in the market for new head-canon Pokemon, it wouldn't hurt to follow Ronjaki to see their next crossovers.

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