Pokemon Journeys Introduces Ash to His Little Brother

If you have kept up with the Pokemon fandom this past week, you know something big is going on. The anime has been on its top game since its latest season debuted last year, and its new episode proved that. This past weekend witnessed a milestone in the anime as Ash returned to Alola to see his friends and Pokemon. Of course, that means he also met up with Kukui and Burnet who openly see Ash as their son, and the boy got the chance to meet his little brother.

Yes, that is right! The world can look out for this dynamic duo. Ash has a baby brother to role model for, and their introduction to one another is one of the most adorable moments in all of Pokemon.

The moment, which can be found below, shows Ash meeting up with Burnet in Alola. The woman was quick to greet Ash given his return to the island, but their bond remains a special one even with Ash traveling about. Professor Kukui and Burnet came to see Ash as their own, and the fandom continues to refer to Kukui as Ash's real dad. So when the couple had their first child together, Ash was quick to become a part of the brood.

Ash was thrilled to meet Rei in this clip, and the baby boy seems even more excited. The babbling baby gripped Ash's thumb tightly and patted the boy on the cheek. Of course, the baby is taking after his older brother thanks to his Pikachu pajamas. And even when Burnet reminds Rei to act calmly, the baby cannot help but be gurgle happily in the face of his older brother.


While the pair may not be related by blood, their familial bond is still strong. Ash has shown fans time and again that family is what you make of it. When he came to Alola, that point was never made clearer thanks to Ash's bond with Kukui. And after the arrival of Rei, Pokemon fans are sure the adorable boy will grow up well with an older brother like Ash in his corner.

Is this the cutest moment in Pokemon's history...? What do you think of Kukui and Burnet's baby boy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.