Pokemon Journeys Announces Big Timeslot Change

Pokemon Journeys has become a hot topic with fans, and it is thanks to the show's trope-breaking stories. Since its debut last year, the anime has done a number of things the show has never dared to in the past. Ash and Goh have livened up the anime in a big way. And thanks to a new report, it seems Pokemon Journeys is ready to swap time slots in the next little bit.

The information comes from Japan as a new report about Pokemon Journeys was published overseas. It confirms Pokemon Journeys will begin airing on Fridays at 6:55 PM JST next month. The exact swap date is October 9, so overseas fans can mark that on their calendar.

Of course, this move is an impressive one. Pokemon was more beholden to a usual time slot years ago, but that began changing with Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon. Now, it seems this new anime is ready to grab even more viewers with this Friday night move, so we're hoping the whole family can enjoy the show and its surprises!

As you can imagine, the show's latest surprises have been more than enough for fans to process. It wasn't long ago that Ash met Goh, and the pair began traveling around as ambassadors of the Sakuragai Laboratory. The pair have traveled to numerous regions since then, and fans were excited when the friends encountered a Flygon out of nowhere. The show's most recent episode saw Ash return to Alola with all the fan-service we could want, so here's to hoping this new time slot makes these Pokemon Journeys episodes even more accessible to fans!


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