Pokemon Journeys Teases Climax With New Trailer and Poster

Pokemon Journeys is gearing up for the next major climax coming to the anime with a new trailer and poster hyping up the next slate of episodes! The anime run of the series has kicked off its special 25th Anniversary celebration with a special one-hour episode airing in Japan, and now the Pokemon Journeys iteration of the series is getting ready for what's next. Both Ash Ketchum and Goh are now closer than ever to achieving their respective goals for the series, and it seems we'll be seeing them making some concrete moves towards these goals over the next few weeks and months.

Following the 25th Anniversary one-hour anime special, Pokemon Journeys assured fans that there is still quite a lot to look forward to from Ash and Goh with a new trailer and poster hyping up the fact that the two of them are closer to their dreams than ever before. With Ash making it to the top of the World Coronation Series with the anniversary special, and Goh likely qualifying for the Project Mew team, there's a good chance we'll see even bigger events from them in the coming episodes! You can check out the new poster and trailer for Pokemon Journeys below: 

With Pokemon Journeys long crossing over the 100 episode mark and the anime celebrating its 25th Anniversary so far, it seems there are some major plans for the next few episodes of the series. The newest opening theme for the anime had teased some major fan favorite returns and debuts, and this newest trailer teases that many of these returns and debuts are much closer than we might have expected at first. This is especially true for the eventual finale of the series, which seems more imminent than ever. 

As of Episode 103 airing in Japan, Ash has worked his way to the top of the Ultra Class of the World Coronation Series. That means each of his opponents from here on out will be those eight trainers currently making up the Master Class of the world spanning tournament, so not only will his battles get bigger but we'll see Goh taking on even more Legendaries as he tries to get onto the Project Mew team. 

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