Pokemon Journeys Surfaces with New Episode Title

Pokemon Journeys is back following the anime's delay as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and [...]

Pokemon Journeys is back following the anime's delay as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and it seems as if the title for the next episode of the series has been revealed that will focus on Ash Ketchum's right hand pocket monster in Pikachu! Pikachu has been a big help to Ash since the start of the latest season of Pokemon's newest anime, with the protagonist looking to become the greatest pocket monster trainer in the world, performing a victory lap alongside his new buddy Go as they run into new monsters and old fan favorite characters.

The latest season of the long running anime franchise still has given Pikachu battles to fight and things to do, but he certainly has had to earn his place as a part of Ash Ketchum's roster of pocket monsters. A big part of Pokemon Journeys has been Ash, and Go, attempting, and often succeeding, in collecting some of the strongest monsters that are currently traversing the world. As Ash collects the likes of Dragonite and Gengar, some of the strongest examples of dragon type and ghost type Pokemon, it can certainly seem like Pikachu is being outclassed, but thanks to the number of battles that the electric rodent has gone through, he is a powerhouse in his own right.

"The Reluctant Pikachu" will apparently be the next episode title for the returned anime series, seemingly placing the spotlight on Ash's right hand 'mon once again, as the trainer continues his journey to become one of the best in the world as he readies himself for a possible match with the champion of Galar in Leon:

While we don't know much about the "Reluctant Pikachu", we have a few guesses as to what this title could mean. Pikachu has always been adamant about refusing power ups, one of the earliest examples being his refusal to evolve into a Raichu. Perhaps Pikachu would attempt to refuse a power up like Gigantomax'ing or some other new boost that would give it a leg up in battles!

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