The Seven Deadly Sins Star Joins Pokemon Anime

Many anime franchises see crossover in the method of having voice actors give life to characters [...]

Many anime franchises see crossover in the method of having voice actors give life to characters for different series and such is the case with Pokemon and The Seven Deadly Sins as one voice actor from the latter is looking to transition to give life to one of the biggest trainers of the Galar Region. With Ash and his friend Go travelling the world at a record pace, they have come into contact with the landscape that was made famous in the Nintendo Switch exclusive, Pokemon Sword And Shield, and the dragon trainer is looking to make his big debut in the anime!

Tatsuhisa Suzuki is the voice actor that gave life to Ban from the Seven Deadly Sins, the member of the group that represents "greed" and his personality certainly does justice to his title. Though he may at times be passionate and caring, he's not afraid to jump into a fight and is looking for the next big score during his time as a "Sin". Suzuki will be playing the part of Raihan, the Galar gym leader who runs the Hammerlocke stadium, who is one of the last challengers that a aspiring trainer must overcome on their path to becoming the champion of the region.

Pokemon's Official Twitter Account shared the news that Tatsuhisa Suzuki will be joining the cast of the anime series, prospectively presenting a new challenge for Ash Ketchum to overtake in the Galar Region as the series continues to hint at a big battle to come between the protagonist and the champion of Galar in Leon:

The latest season of Pokemon's anime has seen Ash and his new friend Go undergoing a number of challenges as they both attempt to become some of the world's best pocket monster trainers, but it has also given them extremely strong creatures to add to their rosters. With fan expectations flying sky high, it will be interesting to see what surprises are in story for our protagonists within the Galar region.

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