Pokemon Journeys Details Ash Ketchum And Goh's Face-To-Face

Pokemon Journeys has done what many anime fans thought impossible in giving Ash Ketchum the world championship title as the anime protagonist was able to defeat Leon during the Masters 8 Tournament. With recent episodes focusing on Goh achieving his goal of once again coming face to face with Mew, a preview is hinting at a reunion that will see Ash and Goh reunite, but might mark the beginning of the end when it comes to their travels with one another.       

Ash Ketchum has been the head of the Pokemon anime for over twenty-two years, with many believing that the series might end following his world championship win. However, an executive of the anime recently confirmed that Ash will remain the series' protagonist in the future. TV Tokoyo's Hiraoka Risuke had this to say when it came to Ash continuing to hold the reins:

"For people wondering what's in store for the future, Satoshi's adventures aren't over yet. As to how the adventures will go, we want to make an announcement during the next anime broadcast."

Pokemon Goh

The preview text for the 135th episode of Pokemon Journeys, which is titled "Pokemon! I'm Glad I Got To Meet You!" confirms that Ash and Goh will be reunited, though it seems that their days of journeying side-by-side might be coming to a close:

"Ash and Goh reunite at Sakuragi Park after completing their respective challenges. They decide to go camping with Chloe. Surrounded by nature, filled with Pokemon as far as the eye can see, the three reminisce about their childhood memories with Pokemon, but...there's something Goh isn't able to tell Ash."

The stars are aligning for Goh to strike off on his own and continue to follow Mew, despite the fact that he was able to meet it once again in the latest installment. With Ash now becoming the world champion while also sticking around as the series' protagonist, it will be interesting to see what the anime has in store for our hero. 

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