Pokemon Exec Confirms Ash Ketchum Is Staying With the Anime

Ash Ketchum has been adventuring for decades at this point, and earlier this year, the trainer managed to do the unthinkable. At long last, the star climbed the ranks to become the world's top trainer, and all eyes are on the Pallet Town hero. After all this time, fans worldwide wondered whether this victory would mark the end of Ash's journey. But thanks to a new report, fans have learned the trainer's adventures are far from over. 

The update comes from a recent interview TV Tokyo executives in Japan. It was there the team brought up Pokemon as an example of its success. The network's head of Anime, Hiraoka Risuke, took the time while chatting to brush off concerns about Ash.

What's Next for Ash?

"For people wondering what's in store for the future, Satoshi's adventures aren't over yet. As to how the adventures will go, we want to make an announcement during the next anime broadcast," the executive said (via Dogasu).

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Continuing, the president of TV Tokyo even nodded to Pokemon. "I heard that Satoshi becoming a Champion has fans from all over the world celebrating. (As the network airing Pokémon) we're extremely happy this is happening to Satoshi, and we want to celebrate as well," Ichiro Ishikawa admitted.

As you can see, TV Tokyo has no plans on ditching Ash anytime soon, but there is no word on how this story will carry on. No firm details were shared about his future in the anime. Ash could carry on in a Gen 9 anime as always, but others are convinced the trainer could cut their role somewhat moving forward. For now, we will have to wait and see what Ash decides, but it is clear at least TV Tokyo is down to keep the trainer around. 

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