New Pokemon Promo Sets Up Ash's Return to Alola

Pokemon Journeys has seen Ash and Goh collecting the strongest pocket monsters that they've ever encountered, with their hard work paying off as Ketchum has managed to become a part of the Masters 8 and Goh inching closer to being a member of the Mew Project. With the latest season of the anime adaptation offering fans plenty of reunions over the course of its one-hundred-plus episodes, it seems that Ash is set to come face-to-face with a very familiar figure from his time in the Alola Region.

Professor Kukui had a major role in assisting Ash not just navigate the Alola Region in the previous season of the anime, Pokemon Sun And Moon, but also in helping Ketchum become the champion of said region. With Ash winning his first Pokemon tournament, the doors have been opened not just for a victory lap, but for the eternally young trainer to fight against the best in the world. Pokemon Journeys has given fans plenty of reunions over the course of its season, but it seems as though Kukui and Ash are preparing to meet face-to-face once again and they're wearing outfits that some fans might be quite familiar with.

Twitter Outlet Anipoke Fandom shared a new preview image from an upcoming episode of Pokemon Journeys, which will see Ash donning his wrestling attire alongside Professor Kukui, who would don the luchador outfit in order to battle in the moniker known as the Masked Royal:

Should Ash win the upcoming tournament, Ketchum becoming the strongest trainer in the world would definitely create some interesting stories for the series. Ketchum achieving his dream of becoming the strongest Pokemon trainer in the world might finally see the anime series handing off the reins of the protagonist to a new trainer, with Goh being a likely choice to head the television series. First being introduced as a trainer that also hailed from Ash's hometown, Goh has similar dreams to Ketchum but with the added wrinkle of seeking to study and capture the ancient Pokemon known as Mew. 

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