Pokemon Will Return to Project Mew Following Ash Victory

Pokemon Journeys has been the talk of the town in the anime community, which should come as no surprise considering that Ash Ketchum has done what many believed impossible: become the newest world champion. Defeating the current champion Leon in the Masters 8 Tournament, it would seem that the next episode will shift from Ketchum to Goh, taking the opportunity to follow Project Mew in their search to learn more about the mythical pocket monster that flies through the air.     

Project Mew was created in an effort to learn more about the psychic Pokemon that is rightfully considered to be one of the strongest pocket monsters in the world. Recognizing this fact, the head of Team Rocket, Giovanni, and scientists under his employ had created a powerful clone using Mew's genetic material, unleashing Mewtwo upon the world. In the first Pokemon movie, Mewtwo realized that his path of revenge and building a world for pocket monsters by destroying mankind was misguided and recently returned in the latest season of the anime. With Ash becoming the new world champion, will the next season focus more on Goh and Project Mew as they search for more answers that swirl around the mythical Pokemon known as Mew?

Pokemon Mew

A new episode description has arrived for the 133rd episode of Pokemon Journeys, titled "Project Mew", that hints at Goh joining the likes of Gary and other members of the organization as they travel to the "End of the World" to learn more about the mysterious flying pocket monster:

"At the same time as Ash's Masters Tournament Finals, Goh is heading to "The End of the World" to search for Mew. Goh, Gary, Tokio, Asahi, and Tsurugi landed on the island but lost contact with Professor Hodoa in the lab and their Pokeballs have also stopped working. In a desperate pinch, what will be the fate of Goh and his friends as they continue their search for Mew?"

Goh has been a worthy ally to Ash this season and it stands to reason that without this new trainer's help, Ketchum might not have been able to gain the strength necessary to finally take down Leon and achieve his dream. Should Ash continue as the star of the anime series moving forward as the new world champion, it will be interesting to see if there remains a place for Goh by his side or if he fades into the background in an effort to learn more about Mew.

Via Anipoke Fandom