Pokemon: Ash's Journeys Actor Congratulates The New World Champ

Ash Ketchum has done what many anime fans thought was impossible. After spending over two decades traveling the world and building a roster of Pokemon, the young trainer has won the World Championship and become the best trainer in the world. While fans are celebrating, the English voice actor behind Ash has taken the opportunity to share her thoughts on Ketchum's major victory and how she can't wait to bring this moment to life in the upcoming English Dub.    

After Ash won the Alola Region Tournament, he spent the majority of Pokemon Journeys traveling the world with his new friend, Goh, capturing some of the strongest pocket monsters that he has ever added to his roster. During this latest season, not only did Ketchum find himself at his strongest but fans were also able to witness the return of countless characters from the anime's past, making it seem as though these latest installments might be a farewell tour for Ash. With Ash becoming the new world champion, should he continue being the protagonist, the series will most likely be far different as we would imagine that there will be countless trainers gunning to take the crown for themselves.

Pokemon: The Champ is Here

Sarah Natochenny took the opportunity to express her joy that Ash has become the new world champion following his titanic battle against Leon during the Masters 8 Tournament, while also excited to bring this moment to life when the English Dub on Netflix hits this pivotal scene: 

Pokemon Journeys might be inching toward its finale, but the question of whether or not Ash will be the hero moving forward is one that looms large over the anime community. Now that Ketchum has achieved his dream, there's certainly an argument to be made that a new trainer could see Ash as the goal to overcome on their journey. It's also a possibility that the reins might be handed to Goh, Ash's new partner during Journeys, as the young trainer has joined with Project Mew and has set out to learn more about the ancient Pokemon.

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