Pokemon Fan Brings Psyduck to Life with a Simple Etch-a-Sketch

Perhaps there is no bigger confusing pocket monster in the popular anime franchise of Pokemon than Psyduck, the water/psychic type creature that recently made a big splash in the first live action feature length movie of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, and one fan has created an amazing drawing of the bewildered anime favorite using only an "Etch A Sketch". Topped only by the likes of Pikachu and Charizard, Psyduck remains a fan favorite thanks to his confused attitude and inability to quite understand any events that are happening around it, whether it be in the anime or in the live action adaptation.

When Psyduck first appeared in the anime, he became a part of Misty's team, despite the fact that the water trainer wanted nothing to do with the spacey pocket monster. Often popping out when he wasn't needed, Psyduck would cause far more headaches than battles won, often getting in the way of whatever plan Misty, Ash, and Brock would have up their sleeves. Needless to say, the sheer unpredictability of Psyduck made him a fan favorite among anime watchers, with his lovable demeanor winning over audiences far more than any big victories he could produce using his psychic powers.

Reddit Artist PikaJane created this amazing sketch using the decades old drawing tool of Etch-A-Sketch, recreating the confused pocket monster that left an impression on fans over the course of the first generation of Pokemon that landed thanks to the video games and the anime series:

I etch a sketched a Psyduck from r/pokemon

In the feature length film of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, Psyduck took center stage once again and became an audience favorite thanks to his role as the main pocket monster of Lucy, the aspiring journalist, who seemed just as frazzled of her right hand duck as Misty did in the anime series. While the movie mostly focused on the English speaking sleuth of Pikachu, voiced by Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, Psyduck definitely had a strong role to play throughout the film.

Psyduck hasn't made too many appearances in the latest season of the anime, with Misty nowhere to be found and the spotlight being focused on Ash Ketchum and his new buddy Goh, but it's only a matter of time until the psychic fowl makes his big return.


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