Pokemon to Release the Perfect Life-Sized Psyduck Plush

Pokemon has some truly iconic characters out there, and Psyduck has become one of them. The [...]

Pokemon has some truly iconic characters out there, and Psyduck has become one of them. The befuddled duck has become one of the more popular Pokemon with fans following a rather inexplicable surge in haters. However, it seems the Pokemon franchise never gave up on Psyduck, and it is doubling down on the Psychic-type thanks to a massive plush of the monster.

Yes, that is right! Psyduck has a new plush for sale, and it has the seal of approval from The Pokemon Company. The official Pokemon Center began selling this life-sized plush online for die-hard fans. That is if you are willing to spend some serious cash, of course.

The plush is a whopping 8.8 pounds and clocks in about 31.4 inches tall. This means the Psyduck plush is over 2.5 feet tall which would let the monster tower over your pets. No cat or dog could stand a chance against this confused Psyduck, and we are pretty much obsessed with it.

pokemon psyduck plush
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

If you are set on owning this massive Psyduck plush, you will need to save up money. The Pokemon Center is selling it for about $290 USD which is quite a purchase. It would be far cheaper to just catch a Psyduck in a Pokemon game than to buy this figure, but really - where is fun in that??

We understand if this Psyduck is too big for your home, and there are other plushes out there. The Pokemon Center has plenty of figures available of Psyduck, and it represents the rest of the monsters out there. You can even get various Pokemon plushes from Build-a-Bear Workshop if you are so inclined with the first generation Eevee evolutions coming out now.

How badly do you want to add this Psyduck to your Pokemon collection? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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