Pokemon: Twilight Wings Delayed Due To Pandemic

The main anime series for Pokemon has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, leaving fans waiting for the next adventure of Ash Ketchum and his new pal Go, and it looks like the spin-off series of Pokemon: Twilight Wings is similarly being hit by the virus as it has announced that the fifth episode will be delayed to next month! Twilight Wings has given fans a new look into the world that was introduced in Pokemon: Sword And Shield that brought us Wild Areas and Dynamaxing into the video game landscape with the Galar Region!

So far in Pokemon: Twilight Wings, we've followed the stories of several gym leaders that made up Sword And Shield, to say nothing of the regular citizens that make up this brand new environment. Besides the Wild Areas and the ability for pocket monsters to Dynamax, aka grow to ridiculous large sizes, the infrastructure of the Galar Region is definitely different from what we've seen before in the series as the relationship between Pokemon and their masters can definitely see change ups in this new land.

The Official Twitter Account for Pokemon shared the disappointing update that Pokemon: Twilight Wings will be delayed to June 5th of next month, when it was originally slated to arrive this month to continue the side stories of the Galar Region that have been received quite well by fans:

Twilight Wings is definitely a worthy spin-off to the main Pokemon series as both Ash and Go have found themselves entering the Galar Region numerous times and the big hurdle that Ketchum is looking to overcome is the current champion of the land in Leon!

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