Pokemon Journeys Teases Post-Delay Plans with Fans

Pokemon may be on a delay right now due to the pandemic, but the anime is keeping fans updated on its post-hiatus plans. The show has no return date given the ever-changing nature of the novel coronavirus; However, fans know what episodes are slated to debut when the anime comes back. A brand-new advert just confirmed the show will strut soon after its delay ends with an episode starring Korrina.

Yes, that is right! Korrina is ready to make a comeback, and she will do so with Lucario at her side. The trainer is one of several whom Ash has met with a Lucario, but their rematch will be different this time. After all, Ash has a Riolu of his own, and the Baby Evolution will learn a thing or two watching Lucario in action. It seems a bit too early for the Pokemon to evolve but stranger things have happened in the anime.

Sadly, there is no telling when episode 25 of Pokemon Journeys will air. It wasn't long ago that Ash's Japanese voice actor hit up Twitter to inform fans she was no longer recording dialogue for the anime. With Rica Matsumoto taking a break along with her co-workers, there is no voice work to pair with any Pokemon episodes in the works. That is assuming episode 25 has all of its artwork completed, so fans could be waiting until July or longer for Pokemon Journeys to return.


Luckily, U.S. audiences will not have to wait too long for Pokemon to entertain them. Netflix confirmed last week it will be the exclusive licenser of the anime, and it will begin posting English dubbed episode this June. There is no word on how many episodes will be released to start, but fans are hoping it will keep them satisfied until the Japanese dub gets back into the swing of things.

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