Pokemon Apologizes for Latest "Twilight Wings" Episode

Pokemon does its best to avoid making mistakes, but the company recently had to put out an apology after its latest episode of Twilight Wings went live. The short series is set in the world of Pokemon Sword and Shield, and this latest episode decided to check in on the beloved trainer Nessa. Unfortunately, it seems the company added a Pokemon in this episode which doesn't yet exist in the Galar region has fans know, so The Pokemon Company apologized for confusing fans of both the anime and game.

The message went live on Twitter the other night. The official page for The Pokemon Company shared an apology for the "misleading" appearance of Pokemon in the episode. As it stands, the only Pokemon that fans spotted out of place is Dewgong, but the seal-like creature wasn't in the episode long enough to truly notice.

"In the web series Pokemon: Twilight Wings, there are some Pokemon which do not appear in Pokemon Sword and Shield. We're sorry for this misleading appearance," the company shared.

Fans had plenty to say about this update as the original message did not point out the offending Pokemon in question. That is what prompted fans from all over to rewatch Nessa's episode so they could figure out who is making an illicit appearance. Asides from Dewgong, there are no other offensives found in the episode as fans quite liked it. Sure, Chairman Rose came off super creepy in this episode, but Nessa stood firm like a queen the entire time.

With the anime on break for another month, fans are curious whether this apology will be the end of things. After all, The Pokemon Company isn't one to let mistakes gather around. If anything, it seems likely Dewgong might join Sword and Shield just to even things up. And with a Crown Tundra DLC pack on the way, it wouldn't be too hard to bring Dewgong to life on the Nintendo Switch.


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