When Will Primal Return With A New Episode On Adult Swim?

Adult Swim shocked many fans this week with a brand new episode for Genndy Tartakovsky's prehistoric epic animated series in Primal! The television series follows a caveman named Spear becoming "friends" with a dinosaur named Fang, with the two forming a partnership in an attempt to survive and thrive in this terrifying world. With the pair of hunters facing down ever growing threats along the way, the first season of the series held little to no dialogue and Cartoon Network revealed when fans can expect to see the series return to the airwaves this year!

On April 1st, Cartoon Network released a brand new episode stealthily during the late night programming block of Adult Swim. Shocking many, fans may be a little disheartened to know that the bloody epic won't be immediately starting its brand new series. Considering how the previous finale left things, and how the new season apparently starts, it's going to be difficult to wait until later this year to see what the prehistoric tale has in store for both Spear and Fang.

Adult Swim shared on its Official Twitter Account that Primal would be returning in the fall of this year, along with several other new and favorite shows, though a specific release date has yet to be given for the extremely adult series from the mind of the creator of Samurai Jack:

If you haven't had the chance to watch Primal as of yet, and don't mind a series that revels in its brutality and gore, the series is one of the most striking animated series the world over to date. With little to no dialogue, the Adult Swim series excels at being able to tell a story using only animation and silent character work that still finds a way to resonate. The story of Spear and Fang is a tragic one, with both the prehistoric caveman and the dinosaur losing their respective families and joining together in both grief and a desire to survive.

Genndy Tartakovsky has created an epic tale following the conclusion of Samurai Jack, clearly establishing a love letter to the world of the prehistoric and the massive creatures that once roamed the earth.


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