Rick And Morty Cosplay Revives "Ants In My Eyes Johnson"

Rick And Morty has introduced quite a few wild characters over the years on Adult Swim, but none might be as disturbing as "Ants in my Eye Johnson". Originally appearing in season one via the episode, Rixty Minutes, Johnson was a quick gag involving a commercial salesman who lived up to his name in the most disturbing way possible. Hilariously, one cosplayer has managed to bring the one-off character to life, luckily not using real ants to bring this Cartoon Network character to the real world.    

Normally, each season of the Adult Swim juggernaut would take the opportunity to explore a number of alternate realities thanks to Rick Sanchez's technology which would allow his family to look into some strange worlds via alien television shows and movies. With the sixth season in full swing, it wouldn't come as a surprise if the Cartoon Network series were to explore this territory once again, especially considering how much of an impact the multiverse had on the season six premiere. In the initial episode of the new season, the Smith Family were returned to their original universes, making for quite some unique revelations when it came to the origins of characters such as Rick, Morty, and Jerry. 

Instagram Cosplayer Ken Lariviere took the opportunity to recreate the hilariously disturbing addition to Rick And Morty lore, with Ants In my Eyes Johnson never making a comeback appearance following his initial arrival on the Smith Family's television thanks to Rick Sanchez's alien tech:

While six season is in full swing on Cartoon Network, the creators behind Rick & Morty, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, are hoping that the series will continue forever, and based on the popularity of the show, this isn't outside of the realm of possibility. Currently, the eighth season of the series in production, most likely meaning that the wait for season seven won't be as long as some of the hiatuses that the animated show has taken in the past. As Prime Rick seems to be the new villain du jour this go around, the Smith Family has some big challenges to work with as season six continues. 

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