Rick and Morty Cosplay Highlights the Mysterious Diane Sanchez

One awesome Rick and Morty cosplay has put the spotlight on the mysterious 'Diane Sanchez.' As the [...]

One awesome Rick and Morty cosplay has put the spotlight on the mysterious "Diane Sanchez." As the premiere of the much anticipated fifth season draws closer for the Adult Swim animated series, much of what fans want to see from the new episodes has changed across the previous four seasons. While the series itself has pushed away from a dedicated canonical story, fans have been drawn to the smaller details we have come to see about what makes Rick Sanchez tick in the way he does. The biggest of which is the tease surrounding Beth's mother.

The third season premiere saw Rick "fabricate" an origin story featuring a woman named Diane who was purportedly Beth's mother before being killed by a bomb placed by a Rick from a different dimension. Rick played it off as a joke, but put that together with a brief tease in the fourth season finale, and "Diane" has become a major point of interest. Now the mysterious Diane Sanchez has returned to the surface with an awesome cosplay from @your_waifu_ on Instagram! Check it out below:

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So while Rick and Morty is not a show that builds on a straight canon from episode to episode, it does leave enough smaller details and tidbits for fans to chew on that will hopefully continue to form a better understanding of Rick Sanchez himself. We've seen how his actions have impacted others through the course of the first four season, and there's a chance that we'll see that with the upcoming fifth season. But hopefully we'll also learn more about Rick as well this new season.

Rick and Morty will officially be returning for Season 5 of the series on Sunday, June 20th at 11:00PM EST on Adult Swim. Unlike the fourth season of the series, this new season is teasing a straight block of ten episodes that won't be broken up into two different halves. We have even already gotten a look at the titles for the new season, and it all begins with the premiere, "Mort Dinner Rick Andre," that will introduce another of Rick's major nemeses.

What do you think of Rick's Diane story? Do you think it was completely made up and he's still hiding what really happened to Beth's mother? Do you think we'll actually get our answer to this someday? Let us know all of your thoughts and theories in the comments!