Rick and Morty Season 5 Debuts Opening Scene

Rick And Morty's Fifth Season is set to land this Sunday, June 20th, and to prepare fans of the [...]

Rick And Morty's Fifth Season is set to land this Sunday, June 20th, and to prepare fans of the Adult Swim series, the surreal television show has revealed the introduction for the premiere episode. With the trailers for the adventures of the Smith Family showing that the animated series will be referencing pop culture properties including the likes of Hellraiser, Voltron, and Marvel's Submariner to name a few, fans have been excited to witness where the grandfather and grandson team will venture this new season.

In this introductory clip, Morty and Rick have seen better days, with the dynamic duo realizing that their number might be up this time around. As Morty takes his grandfather to their ship and begins to realize that this might be their last ride, the high schooler makes a call to Jessica, the girl that he's had a crush on throughout the previous four seasons of the Adult Swim series. Pouring out his feelings for Jessica and expressing the fact that he's gone about approaching her in the wrong way, Morty's crush asks if they can watch a movie that night, causing Rick's grandson to find the hilarious strength to save themselves and crash their ship into the ocean, causing a whole new set of problems.

Rick And Morty Season Five
(Photo: Cartoon Network)

"Mr. Nimbus" is revealed to be the name of the Faux-Namor, who has a personality that lines up perfectly with that of Marvel's first superhero, and mutant, that helped introduce the world to the comic book publishers. While Namor doesn't currently have an ongoing comic book series like many of the other superheroes in Marvel's roster, rumors have begun swirling that the king of the deep will finally be making an appearance in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever as the villain that will threaten the technologically advanced civilization.

The fourth season of Rick And Morty ended on something of an introspective note for the grandfather of the Smith family, having created a clone of his daughter Beth and firing her off into space, causing him to realize that he won't be winning any "Father of the Year" Awards shortly. Needless to say, while the season will be filled with hilarious moments, we definitely expect more character building for both Rick and Morty.

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