Rick and Morty Season 5: What to Know Ahead of the Premiere

Rick And Morty's Fifth Season is set to land this Sunday, June 20th on Cartoon Network's Adult [...]

Rick And Morty's Fifth Season is set to land this Sunday, June 20th on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and there is plenty for fans to keep in mind when it comes to returning to the world of the Smith Family and their surreal adventures. With the trailers released for the season letting fans know that the series will be poking fun at the likes of Marvel's Submariner, Hellraiser, Voltron, and more, what better time to reflect on the previous adventures that the grandfather and grandson team have undergone over the course of the series.

One of the continuing trends in the popular Adult Swim series has been looking into Rick Sanchez's character as he is quite possibly the most powerful being in the universe but also struggling with severe depression that he rarely lets others see. In the second episode of Season Four, "The Old Man And The Seat," we are able to see that Rick's lack of any true friends in his life is taking its toll on the mad scientist, adding to his mental state that has been explored in the series' past with numerous insane adventures. While Morty continues acting as Rick's sidekick, the grandson has developed himself and will be taking on a more assertive role in this upcoming season.

Rick And Morty
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In Season Four's finale, we saw the Sanchez family having to come to terms with another of Rick's horrible decisions, wherein he had created a clone of the matriarch of the family, Beth, in order to allow her to travel the galaxy and leave behind the mundane difficulties that came with raising a family. What viewers never knew was which one of the "Beths" was the real one, and the season finale kept the mystery going as even Rick himself didn't know which was his real daughter.

Season Five might be the latest season of the popular animated series but it will also be far from the last, as Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have gone on record that Rick And Morty has been renewed for dozens of new episodes that will hit Cartoon Network in the future. While the season will be arriving on Cartoon Network this Sunday, don't expect episodes to land on HBO Max the next day, so make sure to carve out some time in your schedule if you want to jump in on the new adventures of the Smiths.

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