Sing Along With Rick And Morty Through These New Adult Swim Karaoke Videos

Rick and Morty is returning soon with the second half of their fourth season, once again diving into the adventures of the mad scientist and his unwilling companion and grandson, and to get fans hyped for the debut of these new episodes, Adult Swim has released a number of "karaoke videos" so that viewers can "sing along" with the Adult Swim stars. The surreal animated series has arguably become the most popular series for Cartoon Network, and with several seasons already confirmed for the future of the franchise, expect more creative endeavors like this one as the show moves forward!

Music has been a big part of the Rick and Morty series, specifically when the earth was invaded by giant alien beings that looked like large heads, demanding that the planet give them a show to save their own lives. With the hard drinking Rick stepping up to the plate, he unleashed the song of "Get Schwifty", which is an absolutely hilarious and ludicrous pop song that has gained traction in the real world following its creation. Several of the karaoke videos on the Adult Swim Youtube channel are as hilarious and surreal as the show they were spawned from, putting together lyrics that had us chuckling as we read through them and making it pretty difficult to "sing along"!

Adult Swim shared the news that these new karaoke videos had dropped on their Youtube Channel via the official series Twitter Account, giving Rick and Morty fans the opportunity to dive into the bizarre world of science before the fourth season returns on May 3rd:

The fourth season of Rick and Morty has taken a different approach to some of the stories that it has unleashed on its fan base, focusing on the elder Sanchez's struggle with being alone and not having any friends to speak of. The series has done a fantastic job of blending humor with some intense messages on depression and mental health, using the Sanchez family to ask some hard hitting questions that seem all the more absurd when the episodes feature things like Rick transforming himself into a pickle!


Which of these karaoke videos is your favorite? Are you excited to see the Adult Swim series return shortly? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Sanchez clan!