Dan Harmon Confirms Connection Between Rick And Morty And Community

Dan Harmon has become quite the prolific creator in the world of pop culture, and has recently confirmed that two of his biggest works in Rick And Morty and Community have a connection that originally fell under the radar. Harmon, in a recent interview, confirmed that a story line that was originally going to be released in the cult favorite sitcom that debuted on NBC would eventually find its way into a storyline involving Rick Sanchez and his need to be totally isolated when it comes to doing his business in the bathroom!

The story line in question, as Harmon confirms, was originally slated to happen to Jeff in Community, played by Joel McHale, and would feature the de facto leader of the gang struggling with his inability to use public bathrooms. As Harmon notes, the story line didn't make its way into the NBC series, instead being used recently in the fourth season of Rick And Morty! In the story line, Rick has a private planet that he tailored to specifically be used to use the toilet in complete isolation, but when an alien intruder decides to use the toilet for himself, the drunk scientist finds himself attempting to win back his solitude while simultaneously finding a new friend.

Harmon was quoted in an interview with the outlet of CinemaBlend, where he said the following:

"I can’t remember any ideas we always wanted to do but couldn’t crack. There was one concept that was always floating in the air which was the idea of doing an episode about Jeff Winger being a shy pooper. I ended up grafting that over to Rick and Morty."


Both Rick And Morty and Community have been making the rounds in the news lately, with the former revealing its release date for the second half of its fourth season as May 3rd. With Community, the series has recently been released on Netflix, allowing fans of the series to revisit some of the greatest moments of Jeff Winger and the gang as they struggle hilariously with the community college of Greendale. Community helped put Harmon on the map and Rick And Morty certainly cemented his name in the annals of history when it comes to the world of pop culture!

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