Rick and Morty Sees Rick Trying to Save Jerry From Incest in Season 6's Newest Episode

Rick and Morty has been in the midst of a very surprising season so far, and the newest episode of Season 6 took that to the next level with Rick and Jerry's latest team up! As Rick's dynamic changes with the rest of the Smith Family this season now that he's forced to spend time with them without the use of a working portal gun, one notable relationship change has been how he's viewed Jerry. Not only has he seemingly dropped openly antagonizing Jerry, but Jerry himself has seemed to stand out from the rest of his family for the kinds of things he was ridiculed for before. 


That's why leading into Episode 5 of the season, "Final DeSmithation" was such an interesting prospect as the promotional materials for the episode had teased we'd be getting to see Season 6's take on the standard Rick and Jerry team up adventure. With Rick's new view of Jerry, and Jerry's self-actualization, it led to a dynamic that was fit to explore in some fun new ways. Here's the breakdown of everything imporant that happened during Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 5, "Final DeSmithation": 

(Photo: Adult Swim)
  • The family is eating at Panda Express when Rick appears late, but Jerry is excited for the family to go to the zoo the next day. Getting fortune cookies for the table, Summer, Beth, and Morty all get the same one with an empty platitude while Jerry gets a fortune that reads "You will have sex with your mother." Following the credits, Jerry's worried over the fortune as wants to throw up the fortune cookie. The next day, Jerry wants to figure it out with the rest of the family and they can't help but make fun of him.
  • Jerry taking it seriously is making it funnier for the rest of them, and Rick can't use science to help him because it would make it more probably as a result. As Rick sees Summer and Morty ridiculing Jerry over his mother worries, he seems to want to help. Jerry dresses as Morty because Beth is Morty's mother, and Beth, Summer, and Morty go to the zoo instead. But Rick ends up helping Jerry because he believes even Jerry should be allowed to take something seriously. 
  • Rick has trouble disproving the fortune at first, and thus kicks in a low rent test in which Jerry reveals which of two boxes (one of which has his mother's name) he would have sex with. He struggles to do so, and picks the box with his mother's name inside each and every time. All the while, Rick is still trying to figure out why Jerry has such a high probability of having sex with his mother. Reading her texts, Jerry is worried about the fact his mother wants to visit. Rick sensing something, goes back to Panda Express with Jerry and it's revealed that they wanted his attention. 
  • Rick then goes on to kill everyone on the inside of the Panda Express as it kicks off a huge laser battle, and it turns out that they were in the middle of drug ring. They instead tell him where to find the fortune cookies, a company called "Fortune 500" that's full of major technology and cameras that even Rick is surprised by. The two of them then suit up (with Sailor Moon animations, fittingly) as employees and try to sneak through Fortune 500 headquarters in order to figure out why they want Jerry to sleep with his mother. 
  • It's then revealed that major business moguls like Jeff Bezos (and Billy Zane, hilariously enough) are attending a meeting with another mogul trying to help them. It's then revealed that employees in the company are getting fortunes that come true completely (either good or bad). Rick's then inspired to take the power of these fortunes for himself, and starts to unleash his technology to take them all on head on. Finding out one of them has an unresolved fortune, they now vow to bring Jerry his mother and end it. 
  • Until Jerry's fortune comes true he's basically invincible as his fate needs to be settled, and thus Rick wants to continue using him as they figure out what's the root of all of this. The two of them then discover that Fortune 500 is keeping a giant space worm that's eating destiny, and it's digestive disorder that cuts out all of the chaos. Thus Rick declares that all fortune cookies are basically alien poop, and thus Rick finds out that Fortune 500 is trying to control the chaos and the future rather than trying to create (such as Rick wanting Nintendo to make a VR headset). 
  • It's then revealed that the one making these fortunes made a bunch of the fortunes Jerry got to get people's attention about the fortunes, and it's likely that they ended up having sex with their mothers instead. The Fortune 500 boss finds the two of them, and the attacking soldiers each use a fortune that gives them super powers. Rick then loads up a bunch of blank fortunes (and this unpredictable) and shoots them all at the soldiers. Meanwhile, Jerry's mother is still trying to have sex with her son. 
  • It's revealed that Fortune 500's fortune is to make her the greatest businesswoman on Earth, and when Rick makes her successful (by hacking Goldman Sachs by giving her all of its money, then giving it back) she's then able to die. She eats a bunch of fortunes to then turn herself into a powerful monster, and the ensuing chaos frees the giant fortune space worm and a giant black hole opens up and sucks everything in...making Jerry and his mother pantsless. 
  • Rick tries to quickly making a fortune to save Jerry, and he ends up saving him before the black hole closes completely. Jerry is saved by Rick, and thus will hold him over it forever. Jerry then gives Rick a thank you note in the fortune cookie and tries to call him friend, and Rick loses his immortality when it's revealed that his fortune was that he would make a new friend. Fighting once more, Rick his Jerry and the two go back to their usual dynamic. 
  • Following the credits, a commercial for the zoo sees people eating the zebra's food and when they run out of food each of them goes so wild that they start killing one another. Morty and the others see the ad playing, and he's confused as to why they're trying to sell people on it until he figures out that it's actually a human zoo.
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