Rick and Morty Season 6 Escapes the Fourth Wall in Newest Episode

Rick and Morty Season 6 has finally come back for new episodes of the series, and Episode 7 of the season went full meta with its big comeback! The first half of the sixth season has been one of the most dramatically different of the seasons thus far as it not only has been paying more attention to the overall serialization, but there have been plenty of opportunities for single one-off adventures. But the season has also yet to have the usual "meta" episode where the show likes to break from its format. Now we finally got that with the newest episode. 

Rick and Morty Season 6 has returned with Episode 7 titled "Full Meta Jackrick" and as the title and opening moments of the episode suggest, it really was just the start to a wild return for the season following the last couple of months spent in the middle of a hiatus. Read on for a full breakdown of everything important that went down during Episode 7 of Rick and Morty's sixth season: 

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What Happens in "Full Meta Jackrick"? 

  • As Season 6 returns with its first new episode since the hiatus, fans are given a brief refresher on what happened before. But something seems off as new material takes place with Summer revealing she's pregnant, Jerry dies, they solve a murder for Tony Hawk, Beth is sentenced to death and more. It's soon revealed that they are trapped in a "Previously On" spiral that they can only escape by grabbing cede Previously On bug monster and fly through the show's opening credits.
  • Following the opening credits, Rick starts to attack the bug even more and Morty realizes that they are on a show. It manages to escape through the fourth wall, and Rick and Morty now try to hunt it down through the fabrics of reality. They end up in a place of "meta commentary" and soon enough come across Jesus Christ and Story Lord, who was the villain of the Story Train episode a few seasons back. It turns out it's their plot.
  • Story Lord ends up getting a hold of the device Rick used to get through to this new space in between narratives, and reveals that he's doing all of this because he wants a motivation. With Previous Lyon's help they are able to dispatch Jesus (by showing a look into Jesus' memories that include fighting Dracula, asking to lose his abilities and more). 
  • On the outside, Story Lord tries to find the makers of the Story Train and asks his creator to make him better. It's revealed that the creator has since become a failure as the various Ricks continued to pitch all kinds of wild ideas that ruined the Story Train as a whole. On the inside of the meta space, they seek out the six heroes that could somehow help them. They include those such as "Miss Lead," "Flash Back," "Connie TinuityError," "Protagonick," "Mr. Twist" and more as they have the power to shape the episode. 
  • This includes making a random guard named Marvin the main character, the reveal that there's no actual sixth member of this meta hero group, and through all of this Rick is trying to find their prisoner who could help them, "Brett Con" who could retcon the fact that they came to the meta-dimension in the first place. But he threatens to make terrible things "always the case" for him. Brett Con quickly dispatches the heroes, and as the commercial break kicks in, the villain traps them in the meta-space, which has now become a giant orange. 
  • After the break, Rick and Morty are now freezing on a mountain as they have been trapped outside of the fourth wall for too long. It's here they soon meet Joseph Campbell, the one who initially crafted the Hero's Journey monomyth that so many stories are built on. Previous Lyon is somehow still alive as well, and Morty thinks the key to saving them is to have its abilities search through Rick's memories. But it almost kills him before any of his memories are revealed. 
  • They start building a device to help them escape, but soon they make their way through all sorts of wild events in the time and build the machine to help them get back into the show. It's revealed that Story Lord has crafted a device that sucks out all of the motivation from everyone in the world (since his creator only could give him wanting motivation as his motivation). Rick and Morty make it to the scene as Story Lord is more powered up than before. 
  • While Rick fights against Story Lord, Morty tries to get Story Lord's creator to stop fueling the motivation machine. It's here that Morty speaks for Joseph Campbell's take on the creator's story, and the creator soon gives up. Story Lord loses his motivation as a result, and Rick is able to defeat him. But the creator is ultimately the one that has to kill Story Lord, and it's revealed soon after that the writer is motivated to tell yet another terrible story. 
  • After the credits, fans are introduced to "Tag Man," a "crazy" character that lives in the tags and rambles about how he lives in the episode tags while killing cops, government agents, and all sorts of other creatures in an arena. 

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