Rick and Morty Season 6 Shares Episode 7 Clip: Watch

It won't be long until Rick and Morty is back, everyone! After a solid break last month, the show is slated to return to Adult Swim with new episodes at the end of November. The show's comeback will go down with "Full Meta Jackrick", and as a special gift to fans, the show's team has released a special clip of the midseason premiere.

As you can see above, the cold open for episode seven has gone live, and it is a wild one. The opener follows Rick as he goes through the events of season six up until now. From an unexpected death to a pregnancy and killer bees, this cold opening has it all. And as Rick relives everything in season six, he and his grandson must find a way to swing back to the present and get season six back on the road.

The Journey So Far

Of course, fans of Rick and Morty are ready to see the show return, and season six has plenty in store for them. After all, co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have delivered on their promise to elevate the series so far. The pair assured viewers at the end of season five that the show's next outing would be story-focused, and the writer's room has delivered in spades. So with four episodes left to go, season six has plenty to offer up.

Recently, ComicBook.com was able to speak to executive producer Scott Marder about season six and the show's future. It was there the exec admitted his team is already well through season seven and moving into season eight.

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"I think you'll be excited to hear that we are tracking all sorts of fun stuff like that. We're on the backside of writing season eight right now and all those are things that are in play," Marder told our own Nick Valdez.

As season six carries on, all eyes are on its story and how its twists will set up beats for future seasons to cover. Rick and Morty is at its best when its story is put first, and that has been proven handedly this year. So if you fell off the Rick and Morty train a couple of seasons back, well – now is the time to hop back on. 

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