Rick and Morty Team Talks Morty Becoming a King and Starting a Solar War

Rick and Morty's penultimate episode of Season 6 saw Morty becoming the King of the Sun and sparking a whole war between the solar system as a result, and the team behind the episode broke down everything that went into making it all happen! The sixth season of the series is winding down to its end, and the second to last episode was a sort of back to basics kind of adventure as it followed Morty making a series of decisions that only made things much worse for himself. But there was a much different dynamic at play between its titular duo.

The ninth episode of the sixth season picked up on some of the threads we have seen developing such as Rick's deciding to ease up on things and work on himself and therapy, and Morty's continued defiance in the face of Rick's toxicity. But these all came together with a wild new adventure as broken down by series co-creator Dan Harmon, director Jacob Hair, showrunner Scott Marder, and writer Anne Lane in Adult Swim's special Inside the Episode video for the episode. Check it out below: 

What Happens in Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 9? 

"A Rick in King Mortur's Mort" sees Morty joining a series of knights living on the sun by unwittingly agreeing to take someone's place, and soon discovers the terrible price he'd need to play in order to stick with it. But as the team behind the episode explains, it sort of becomes like a Game of Thrones situation where Morty suddenly needs to navigate all of these different rules, religions, and societies when he becomes a king and has no idea how to work through it all. 

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As writer Anne Lane points out, it's a Morty story where he continues to make mistakes but the biggest difference this time around is that Rick is along for the ride. Rather than continuing to knock at whatever Morty chooses to do, Rick instead is trying to make an effort to treat Morty better overall and be more supportive. It's made for a much different dynamic than ever before, and thus sets up an interesting stage for the Season 6 finale. 

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